Masaki Otawa

musician | composer | instructor

Japanese taiko drummer & percussionist

Born in Chiba Prefecture, Masaki Otawa’s music training started at the age of 3 with his mother, a classical piano teacher. He was then later introduced to kendo and drums in school, which contributed to his decision to become a taiko drummer. From Japanese folk, Jazz, Latin, African, Pop, to Classical, Masaki’s vast range of music style has allowed him to work on interesting collaborations with different types of artists in dance, theatre, visual art, and even Japanese flower arrangement. 

As a Japanese taiko player, Masaki has performed all across the world, including New York, Rome, Paris, Romania, Moscow, Taiwan, London and Belgium. Some of his career highlights include winning the “Ō-Daiko Solo Contest” at Mount Fuji Taiko Festival in 1999, being awarded Chiba City Arts and Culture’s Best Emerging Artist Award in 2005, performing on NHK World’s programme “Blends” in 2015 & 2016, collaborating with pipe organist Mari Ohki in 2018, and being featured in TV Tokyo’s programme “Tokyo Intersection” in 2019. 

Often a big spectacle at traditional events and festivals, Japanese taiko is usually performed in large groups. To challenge this norm, Masaki along with three other innovative taiko drummers founded the group, One Vision. In this group lead by Masaki, they incorporate different techniques and music styles, creating unprecedented taiko concerts. Renowned for his unique solo performance style, Masaki is considered a pioneer in the field and continues to find ways to bring the new sounds of Japanese taiko to the world.


ミュージシャン | 作曲家 | 講師




伝統的なイベントやお祭りでは和太鼓は大人数で演奏されるのが一般的とされる中、この規範に挑戦するため、大多和は他の3人の革新的な和太鼓奏者と共に、グループ「ONE VISION」を2017年結成。大多和を中心としたこのグループでは様々な技術や音楽スタイルを取り入れ、これまでにない和太鼓アンサンブルを展開している。


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